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Raw logo vector files, fonts, and brand guidelines

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Logo variations with different colored backgrounds

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Post cards, posters, and yard signs - ready for print!

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Graphics for your projection screens - HD & SD screen sizes.

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Sermon Outlines

Download all of the sermon outlines for the "Love Can" series.

Week 1 Optional (April 16, 2017) →

"Love Can Cross Borders"

Week 2 (April 23, 2017) →

"Love Can Define Us"

Week 3 (April 30, 2017) →

"Love Can Unbind Us"

Week 4 (May 7, 2017) →

"Love Can Break Walls"

Week 5 (May 14, 2017) →

"Love Can Do Anything"


Password for all videos: lovecan

Music Video, Series Promo, Weekly Life Story videos. To download the original HD video files, click "Download (Mono/Stereo*)" and then click the "Download" button below the player window. For best quality, select the "Original" file. 

*Stereo version is split with vocals into the right channel, and underscore into the left channel. Mono is all mixed together.

"Love Can" Music Video

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Love Can Bumper

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Series Promo Video / Kenny

(To be played on social media the week before Easter to promote Love Can)

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Million Acts of Love Ideas

  1. Watch the kids of a single mom
  2. Pay them a compliment
  3. Pick up trash in neighbor’s yard
  4. Hand-deliver their paper in driveway
  5. Smile and say hi
  6. Bring over cookies
  7. Visit elderly on your block
  8. Bake some treats for neighbors
  9. Help neighbor with yard work
  10. Buy coffee for construction workers
  11. Gift of counseling
  12. Say good morning
  13. Open a door
  14. Smile
  15. Laugh
  16. Take a grocery cart back
  17. Cut a lawn
  18. Send a card
  19. Bump a tip
  20. Pay a bill
  21. Take dessert to a neighbor
  22. Buy coffee of person in line behind you
  23. Wash neighbor’s car
  24. Hold door for mom with kids
  25. Pay for military person dinner
  26. Offer to babysit for free
  27. Post it notes of encouragement
  28. Write thank you notes to neighbors
  29. Encourage a caregiver
  30. Grab groceries for an old lady
  31. Trim/weed whack for your neighbors
  32. Pick up trash
  33. Ridiculous high tip
  34. Pay for the sandwich of the person behind you
  35. Send a thank you to those who serve our community – police, hospital staff
  36. Taking care of neighbors pets/yard while gone
  37. Help someone with spring yard work
  38. Thank check out worker in grocery line
  39. When praying with someone who is experiencing challenges, invite them to take part in a care ministry at your church.
  40. Pay for a neighbor/co-worker in crises to one counseling session at city care counseling
  41. Pick up the sticks in neighbor’s yard
  42. Get out your kickball & invite the neighborhood kids to play
  43. Go to the nursing home and sit with someone who does not get many visitors (ask front desk…they know who you are)
  44. Find the person sitting alone for lunch and ask to sit with them
  45. Compliment at least 1-6 people each day
  46. Go stand with the homeless begging on the corner and ask them their story
  47. Write a letter of encouragement & mail 1 a day to friends
  48. Buy walking talkies to share with neighbor
  49. Note of encouragement to mailman/garbage man
  50. Offer to change oil
  51. Invite your neighbor over for coffee
  52. Baked goods
  53. Hold door open for people
  54. Take somebody’s shopping cart back for them
  55. Use someone’s name at the register
  56. Give a ride to someone
  57. Go get spare key from stranger’s mom at kiki mart on Pacific
  58. Write encouragement notes
  59. Send cards to people who lost loved ones
  60. Send cards to people who lost loved ones
  61. Call someone instead of texting
  62. Leave quarters at a laundry mat
  63. Give coffee and love can invite to mailman and trash guy
  64. Free back rubs to strangers
  65. Visit a church homebound person
  66. Visit a care center – talk and pray for residents
  67. Tip well!
  68. Free hugs
  69. Donate stuff to a charity or person in need
  70. Do a chore for a family member
  71. Call instead of text – just to say hi
  72. Plug some parking meters
  73. Take time to listen
  74. Help single mom with rides for kids
  75. Have a neighbor over for dinner
  76. Small care package for homeless standing on street corner
  77. Taking care of neighbors pets/yard while gone
  78. Run errands for a shut-in
  79. Take elderly to grocery store to get groceries
  80. Pick up someone’s tab at a restaurant
  81. Pay for someone’s gas
  82. Pick up trash in neighborhood
  83. Pay for tolls on bridge of person behind you
  84. Bring in neighbor’s trashcans on windy day
  85. Rake leaves for neighbor
  86. Wash your neighbor’s car
  87. Pay it forward at Chick-Fil-A
  88. Water bottles at the park on a hot day
  89. Host neighborhood BBQ
  90. Walk your neighbor’s dog
  91. Clean gas station bathrooms
  92. Lunch in a teacher’s lounge at kids school
  93. Give away a great book to a friend
  94. Help someone move
  95. Give someone a Dave Potter Cd
  96. Pray for someone
  97. Post something encouraging on Facebook
  98. Hand-write a note to your kid’s teacher
  99. Donate gently used items to open door mission or family in need.
  100. Tell a joke